1. Contracts & Trades

1A. General Information

Players acquired either through the draft or free agency must be signed to a contract. This contract will be the number of years that the player can remain on a roster.

1B. Total Contract Years Available

Each franchise has a contract cap of forty (40) years. The total contract years on a roster may not exceed forty (40). Contract years are non-transferable, thus, they cannot be traded.

1C. Player Trades

Every player traded carries his contract with him, including the current year. This contract will be counted against the total years available to his new team. Any exchange of players between teams cannot leave either team with more than forty (40) total years for all players. If this happens, the commissioner will void the trade unless the team breaking the 40 year cap cuts a player to move back down below 40.

1D. Trade Restrictions & Deadlines

The trade deadline will be Week 11. This means that no more trades may be made after the last NFL Week 11 game.

Vetoes: The only reason for trade vetoing is collusion. The trade veto process is as follows. If two owners formerly request a veto vote to me through PM (confidentially), the trade will be put up to vote. In order for the trade to be vetoed, the vote must consist of at least 8 owners voting to veto it.

1E. Waived Players

Players that are waived in the time period after contracts are due, but before the last NFL week 17 game of the next season still count one year against a team's contract ceiling until the end of that season, unless the player is claimed from waivers (see 3D below).

1F. Expired Contracts

Contract years conclude on the day after the last Week 17 NFL game. All players who had only one year remaining on their contracts become restricted free agents. Players with expired contracts can be re-signed by their original team under the terms outlined in the Restricted Free Agent rule (see Item 3C below). All other players have their contracts reduced by one year. At the same time, all teams recover any years encumbered by players clearing waivers during the year.

1G. Announcing Contracts

Contracts must be announced one week prior to the start of the season.

Penalty for missing this deadline is a fine of 2 DD per day.

2. Dynasty Dollars

The dynasty dollar (dd) is the official currency of the dyNASTY league. Dynasty dollars are used to bid on free agents and may also be used in trade negotiations. Any amount not used during the season is carried over to the next season. On the day after the last NFL week 17 game, each team is awarded additional dynasty dollars based on the previous season's finish. Below is the allotment of dynasty dollars:

Finish Dynasty Dollars            Finish Dynasty Dollars
12th 26            6th 20
11th 25            5th 19
10th 24            4th 18
9th 23            3rd 17
8th 22            Runner-up 16
7th 21            Champion 15

3. Free Agency & Waivers

3A. Free Agents

Any player not acquired during the draft becomes a free agent (FA). A player also becomes a free agent when he is waived by a dyNASTY franchise. A player becomes a restricted free agent (RFA) when his contract expires.

3B. Free Agent Acquisitions

Via free agency, dyNASTY franchises can acquire any player not currently on another team's roster. Free agents may be claimed year round. Dynasty dollars are used to bid on free agents. Teams may only bid up to the amount of dynasty dollars available to that team, otherwise the bid will be retracted. The minimum a free agent will cost will be 1 dd. No free agents can be bid for during the Restricted Free Agent signing period.

Off season--In terms of free agency bidding, the offseason is defined as the time from the day after the week 17 NFL game through 11:59pm EST on the day before the first NFL preseason game. Open in-season bids will remain under in-season bidding rules if they cross over this period. During the off season a request for a free agent must be posted in the forum. The bid will be open for 7 days from time of posting. Within the 7 days other coaches may bid higher for the free agent. After no higher bids have been made after 7 days from the last bid the player will become a player on that team and a contract must be assigned to the player.

In-Season--In terms of free agency bidding, in-season is defined as the time from the day of the first NFL preseason game through 11:59pm EST on the day of the last NFL week 17 game. Open offseason bids will revert to in-season bidding rules if they cross over this period. During the season a request for a free agent will be the same as above except the bid will be open for 24 hours from the time of each new bid. The bid will close only after 24 hours pass since the last bid was made, at which point the winning bidder must sign the player to a contract before lineups are due if he wishes to use that player in his lineup that week. In-Season FA bidding rules take effect for new bids the day of the first game of the NFL regular season.

Free agent bids must contain the following information:

1) Name of Free Agent
2) Amount Bid for Free Agent
3) Player position and NFL team
4) Free Agent bids are final and can not be retracted

If any information is missing, the bid will be discarded.

3B.2 Signing Free Agents

The deadlines for signing players after winning a free agent bid on them are as follows.

1) The player cannot be inserted into a team's starting lineup until they have been signed to a contract.

2) The free agent must be signed within 7 days (to the hour) of the free agent bid closing. After this time, if the player has not been signed that player will automatically be cut, resulting in the usual 1-year waiver penalty. No refund will be given for the DDs spent in the bidding on the player.

3C. Restricted Free Agents

3C.1 General

Any players currently on a dyNASTY team roster will have their existing contracts reduced by one year on the day after the last NFL week 17 game; if a player's contract expires (drops to zero years), the player is considered a Restricted Free Agent (RFA). All existing waiver penalties against any team will also be nullified on the day after the last NFL week 17 game. No regular Free Agent acquisitions will be allowed during the month of May.

3C.2 RFA Signing Period

RFA bidding begins two days after the rookie draft ends and lasts exactly one month. All tags must be declared by the start of this period. No new bids will be accepted after the one month period ends; bidding in process may continue beyond this deadline until a final offer is reached for a player.

3C.3 Bid Format

All bids are made to the entire league in the message forum and each bid must include the following:.
1) Your Team Name
2) Current dyNASTY Team
3) Player Name and position
4) The Amount bid
5) Once a bid is placed it is binding

3C.4 Bidding Process

Once a bid is posted for a player, a higher bid must be made within two (2) full days by the player's current team or any other team. Any owner may join the bidding process within two (2) full days of the latest bid. Once a bid is posted and no counter-offer is made within the two (2) full day period, the player is then considered signed by the team posting the latest (and highest) bid. The signing becomes official (2) full days from the latest bid. Once the deadline passes for new RFA bids, the response time is reduced from two (2) business days to one (1) (This means any bids still in process after May 31st the bid must be beat within (1) day.

(IF any coaches will be out of town please let the commish know so we can make arrangements to change the dates if needed)

3C.5 Signing RFA's

All players receiving any bid must be signed by either the original team or a new team; the amount of the winning bid will be deducted from the signing team's Dynasty Dollar total. Contracts must be announced one week prior to the start of the season. At the end of the RFA signing period, any remaining RFA's on a team's roster (players who did not receive a bid) can be re-signed at no cost. All teams must announce their intentions regarding such players within 24 hours of the end of RFA, and these un-bid RFAs are subject to in-season waiver penalties if they are subsequently cut prior to the start of the season. Any players not resigned will become free agents.

3C.6 Restrictions

The bidding owner must have enough Dynasty Dollars available to cover all outstanding bids. If any owner outbids his budget at any time, the bid will be discarded.

3C.7 Compensation

Teams losing certain players in RFA will be compensated with Dynasty Dollars in the following manner. The teams that lost any of the three players that were not transition tagged and that received the most expensive bids in RFA will be compensated with one fourth (rounded down) of the amount of DD as the player went for in RFA. This means that if the highest bid on any RFA who did not receive a transition tag was 17 dynasty dollars, the team that lost that player would receive 4 dynasty dollars as compensation. The same will be done for the teams losing the player with the second and third highest final bids. Note that this does not apply if the team that won the bid is the same as the team that lost the player. For instance if player X is re-signed by the same team he was originally on before RFA, no compensation would be given. Also, as stated, this does not apply to player with the transition tag on them.

3D. Waivers

Players released by a dyNASTY team are said to be waived. If a team waives a player during the season, the franchise gets credit for the player's remaining contract years, minus the current year (except for developmental players, which do not incur any penalty). A waived player goes into the free agent pool once he is waived. This contract year will remain with the waiving team until either the player is acquired by another team or Feb 1.

Basically this means 1 year will count against your contract cap when you waive a player unless he is picked up by another team then there will be no years counted against your contract cap.

3E. Open Bids

When a player is the current high bidder on a FA or RFA, the DDs tied up in that bid are on hold, and cannot be spent elsewhere. So if you have 10dd total and you are currently the high bidder on a player for 8dd, you can only spend 2dd on any other bids until someone outbids you on the 8dd player. Any bids made that spend more than those leftover DDs will be discarded.

4. Franchise Players

Starting the day after the last week 17 NFL game when contracts expire each team may designate ONE player whose contract as expired as a Franchise Player. The team can resign this player at no cost but his contract must be at least the average of the top 3 players at his position. Franchise players must be designated before the Restricted Free Agent signing period.

Example. Rattlers QB John Smith's contract has expired. The Rattlers designate him their franchise player. The top 3 QB's in the league have contracts of 5 years, 4 years and 5 years. The Average is 4.3 years. Rounded that is 4 years. The Rattlers can resign John Smith at no charge as long as his contract is at least 4 years.

4A. Transition Players

Prior to the start of the RFA period, each team may designate ONE player as a transition player. The original team will only have to MATCH the highest bid on that RFA instead of beating the highest bid.

4B. Developmental Players

Each team is allotted two and only two slots for "Developmental Players." These players can be kept on a team's roster for as long as the owner wants. Developmental players do not have to be signed to contracts, do not count against a team's roster limit, and can be cut at any time without incurring a penalty. This means that if you have two developmental players on your team you essentially have 20 players.

Only certain players may be declared as Developmental Players, the restrictions are as follows:

1) No player that has started an NFL game at any point in their career (based on's "Games Started" stat) can placed in the Developmental Player slot. This means you can put a rookie drafted player, or a FA, or anyone in the slot as long as they have never started an NFL game in their career. Developmental players can be added at any time, though players currently under a contract cannot be placed in the developmental player spot. Developmental Players must be re-declared each offseason. This means that if a player in a developmental player slot starts an NFL game, he could stay in your developmental player spot all the way up to the following offseason, at which point your developmental players would have to be redeclared and hence the player could not be placed in the developmental player slot again since he had started an NFL game.

2) No player in the Developmental Player slot will be allowed to start for a fantasy team while in that slot. If an owner wishes to start a player in the Developmental Player slot, they would have to remove them from the slot and sign them to a contract, making them a part of their normal team (and meaning if that player put them over the 18 player limit, they would have to cut someone).

3) Only Players with no current contract (or a contract of 0 years) may be put in the developmental player slot. This means only players acquired through the initial draft, rookie draft, free agency, or who's contract has expired may be placed in the Developmental Player slot. You may not take someone that already has a contract of greater than 0 years and put them in the Developmental Player slot.

4) If a player HAS started a game but ended his rookie season in the DP slot and is a QB, WR, or TE, he can be carried over into the DP slot for his 2nd year.

You do not have to have a developmental player if you do not want one. Since Developmental Players don't count against contract/roster size limits anyway, simply leaving the slot empty has the same effect on your roster as having it full.

5. Injured Reserve

If the NFL places a player on Injured Reserve the team has two options.

Option A: The team can pick up a free agent at that position only. The Free Agent acquired will cost minimum of 1 Dynasty Dollar. He will not count against the contract cap and will become a Free Agent the day after the last NFL week 17 game. To acquire this player the team must place a Free Agent bid as posted in section (3B). The in-season bidding rules will apply.

Option B: The owner may place the injured player into a developmental player spot which will take them off the active roster, and replace them by whatever means they see fit. The player will retain his contract and it will still count against the team's contract cap, and the replacement player must also be signed to a contract and will also count against the team's contract cap.

Please indicate which option you are using in the roster moves forum.

6. Roster Size

During the off-season the team roster size is unlimited.

One week prior to season roster must be at the regular season requirement of EXACTLY 18 players. No more, no less. During the season the team MUST have an 18 (Excluding Developmental Players) player roster. The team my have more if a player is on Injured Reserve. However the roster size MUST not be below 18 during the season.

2 weeks prior to start of season. Roster maximum 19 players

3 weeks prior to start of season. Roster maximum 20 players

4 weeks prior to start of season and beyond roster size is unlimited.

If your roster size is over the limit that team will be fined 1 DD every day for each player over the limit.

7. Starters

Each week coaches must submit their starting line up by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the game before game day. For example, if the first game of the week was on Sunday the lineups must be posted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Saturday.

The starting line up will consist of 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1Flex (WR/RB), 1TE, 1K, 1 Team Defense. This is the ONLY lineup formation allowed.

If a team doesn't post a lineup before the deadline that team will use their last submitted lineup and lose 2 dd's.

Note: Because Thursday games are so early in the week teams will only be required to submit the players they would like to start in that game by Wednesday night. That means that if there is an NFL game on Thursday and the next one isn't until Sunday, lineups for players not in the Thursday night game are not due until 11:59 p.m. on Saturday. However, any players that you wish to play from the Thursday game must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday, and they become "locked-in" at midnight and cannot the be removed from your lineup. Please be aware that this is only for Thursday games...Saturday and Monday games are unaffected by this rule.

8. Scoring (points in parenthesis)


Passing Yards (25 yards per point)
Passing Touchdowns (4)
Interceptions (-2)


Rushing/Receiving Yards (10 yards per point)
Rushing/Receiving Touchdowns (6)
Return Touchdowns (6)
Fumbles Lost (-2)


XP made (1)
XP missed (-2)
17-39 yard FG (3)
missed 17-39 yard FG (-2)
40-49 yard FG (4)
50+ yard FG (5)


Sack (1)
Interception (2)
Fumble Recovery (2)
Touchdown (6)
Safety (4)
Block Kick (3)
Points Allowed 0 points (10)
Points Allowed 1-6 points (7)
Points Allowed 7-13 points (4)
Points Allowed 14-20 points (1)
Points Allowed 21-27 points (0)
Points Allowed 28-34 points (-1)
Points Allowed 35+ points (-4)

9. Playoffs

The winner of each of the three divisions along with the next 3 teams with the best record will advance to the playoffs. Ties will be broken in the following order.

1. Division Record

2. Head to Head Record

3. Points For

4. Points Against

5. Power Rating

6. Coin Toss

The three division winners will receive the top 3 seeds in order of best record (with tiebreakers as noted above). The three wildcard teams will receive the 4, 5, and 6 seeds in order of best record (again with tiebreakers as noted above).

The top two teams will receive a bye during the first round of the playoffs. During week 14 of the NFL season the number 3 seed will play the number 6 seed and the number 4 seed will play the number 5 seed.

During week 15 the lowest remaining seed will play the number 1 seed and the number 2 seed will play the remaining team.

During week 16 of the NFL the two teams will face off for the dyNASTY Championship.

10. Draft Rules

1. Draft order will be determined by regular season finish. Teams not qualified for the playoffs will be assigned draft picks from worse record to best non-playoff qualifying team record. (Normal tie breaker rules will apply for teams that finish with same W-L record. See rule 9 for tie breaking procedures)

2. Teams that qualify for the playoffs will be assigned their draft pick by where they finish in the playoffs with the Champion having the final draft pick, the runner up having the next to last draft pick, and the 3rd place winner having the 3rd to last pick. Teams eliminated during the same week will have their order decided via regular season record and tie breakers. Teams that have been eliminated will pick AFTER the non qualifying playoff teams regardless of regular season record. Example Two teams finish with 8-8 records, Team A qualifies for the playoffs but team B doesn't. Team B will have a higher draft pick than Team A since Team B did not qualify for the playoffs.

3. The draft will start at 12:01 A.M the day exactly one week after the NFL draft ends. This date will be posted as the NFL draft date becomes more clear (Exception. If coach will be unavailable this date CAN be changed)

4. After a pick is made the next team will have 24 hours from the time of the pick to post their pick in the public message area. If a pick is not made within 24 hours of the previous teams pick then that team will trade spots with the next team in the draft order.

5. The dyNASTY draft is one round only. Anyone not drafted will be considered an Unrestricted Free Agent.

11. Money

The yearly fee for the league will be $50.

It will be divided up such that $80 goes out to the quickstats+FFA software for keeping track of scoring, standings, etc.

The rest of the money will be divided up for prizes in the following manner:

League Champion: $370
2nd place: $120
3rd place: $50
Best regular season record (using playoff tiebreakers): $20

Web Hosting fees will be covered by me.

12. Rule Changes

The yearly fee for the league will be $50.